Absent: The fact of being, is an ongoing work of collaborative photography about fatherlessness and its shifting emotional impacts on grown individuals.

Above is a picture of my own father, the only picture i have of him.

Above is a picture of my own father, the only picture i have of him.


this work aims to illustrate, MORE DEEPLY THAN statistical generalizations, the complexities of the relationship we have with the imperfect beings who raise us, or who chose not to.


thank you for considering sharing your story. having an absent father can be defined broadly and with this work I am interested in hearing stories from anyone who feels they had to come to terms with their own fatherlessness, whatever that means to you.

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Was the absence of your father a good thing, bad thing, or just was? Was there a moment in your life where this understanding changed at all? How has this experience impacted you?
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