Absent Father

Absent Father (formerly The Fact of Being), is a body of work looking into the void of fatherlessness and searching for the subtle realities of what is left behind. Drawing on conversations with others who have also experienced having an absent father in some way, I use the process of making paper along side photographs to embrace the evolution of these indelible feelings grown adults have about the imperfect beings who raise us, or who chose not to.


This is a collaborative work of photographic art, and I would love to hear your story! For this project having an absent father and living with fatherlessness can be defined broadly, I am interested in hearing stories from ANYONE who feels they had to come to terms with an absent father or fatherlessness, whatever that means to you.

Fill in one question or as many as you want. Lets break down the barriers around talking about this subject, together!

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Was there a moment in your life where the way you felt about being fatherless or having an absent father changed at all?
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My goal is to be respectful of collaborators and all information given to the project via this form and during in person interviews. If you have anything specific you would or would not like associated with what you have shared please leave those notes bellow. Names will not be associated with images or narrative unless consent is given.

I am also collecting images of fathers that were not or could not be in your lives, like the one of my own father. If you would like to contribute a photo from your own personal archive please send any quality image/scan (cell phone images work!) to or