Absent father, is an ongoing mixed media project about fatherlessness and its impacts on grown individuals. Through this work I am interested in exploring the ways that this experience has affected me as a person, how father absence similarly affects millions of others, and what those absences mean in our culture at large. I aim to destigmatize conversation around having an absent father and an imperfect american family. below is a picture of my own father, the only picture i have of him. 


I hope that you will consider being a part of the project by sharing your own experience with fatherlessness below. The goal of this work is only to understand, and share, the true and long lasting struggles of fatherlessness.

Last name not required if you would rather leave it off please put N/A in the last name field.
Have you met your biological father? *
Would you be interested in a 30 minute portrait session and in person conversation with the artist? (If yes, the artist will be in contact with you shortly to set up a date for meeting) *
For participants in and around Madison or Milwaukee. Does require signing a model release form so the artist may use your image in her work. Examples of other participants are above.
Do you have a picture of your father you would like to share with the project? *
The artist is collecting snapshots of absent fathers to repurpose into semi-visible reflective prints. This is to illustrate the lasting effects that fathers who do not or cannot be in our lives have. A sample is illustrated above in the slideshow If yes, please email a scan/phone snap of the image to: absentfathersproject@gmail.com
I hereby give permission to the artist to use this information in the creation of art works, exhibitions, and publications in relation to those things. *
I, Kayla Story (the artist, as previously refered to) promise to be respectful of any and all information given to me via this form/project. Most text will not be used in its original narrative.

Thank you so much for taking a peek and considering working with me on this project! In addition to the words I am also collecting images of fathers who were not, are not, or could not be in their children's lives, to reinterpret into prints that are reflective and only visible under certain conditions. If you would like to contribute an image please email any quality of an image, be it a scan or cell phone picture to: absentfathersproject@gmail.com